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3 Years of Progress...




We can put you on a fast track towards a life of authenticity, freedom, and enthusiasm



Live authentically by identifying your top strengths, desires, and priorities - so you can design your life around what truly matters.



Recognize which ideas, storylines, and excuses hold you back - and replace them with confidence, enthusiasm, and action.


Become an effective executor by designing a clear game plan, setting smart goals, taking action, being held accountable, tracking the results, getting feedback, and taking even more action.



Relationships are a significant source of both joy and suffering - and they are tricky to navigate. Learn how to avoid unnecessary conflicts and grow your relationships to their highest potential.



Yes, emotions!
Allowing yourself to experience and understand a broader range of emotions will give you greater fulfillment and clarity to move towards your dreams.



Build a solid foundation of psychological principles, mindsets, techniques that strengthen your mind.

Feel confident to deal with any overthinking, anxiety, fear, anger, shame, or loneliness.



I develop a deep relationship with most of my clients, and after the coaching, we often stay in touch and keep encouraging each other on the growth journey.

Testimonials From Real Clients

What real clients have to say about my coaching:

"When I met Emil back in 2015, I had just made €50 million, but I was on the verge of burning out completely. Since then, Emil has influenced pretty much every aspect of my life.

It started with basics like how I eat, sleep, and learn new skills. It then grew into everything from communicating with my fiancée (and even myself) to confidence and mindfulness.

Today, I’m happier than ever; Emil is a close friend, one of the smartest people I know, and he has played a huge role in my well-being."

— Erik Bergman (Sweden)

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I’ve been where you are. I have struggled with low confidence, low social skills, depression, lack of motivation, laziness, procrastination, jealousy, fear, doubt, worry, limiting beliefs, destructive habits, addictions, feeling emotionally numb, attracting women, etc. 

It took many years, but I successfully faced my fears and grew beyond many past limitations. Therefore, I have collected profound first-hand experiences with all the nuances of personal growth and have helped many clients overcome the same limitations.


I started my career as a professional high-stakes poker player on the internet. I worked 12 hours per day, seven days per week, for seven years until I became a USD millionaire from the game. During that time, I also coached several top-level poker players to raise their performance


I am a personal development junkie and guinea pig. I spend all of my awake time thinking about growth and running experiments. I’ve spent over $100 000 on my own personal development and studied 1000s of hours of material. For each hour, I coach I spend at least 5 hours researching and experimenting.


I coach to get actual results, so I care about what works.

Therefore, I explore theories with sound scientific backing and then synthesize my own models from multiple sources and test them in the real world. 


I'm easy to talk with, kind, and personal.
But I'm also professional, responsive, and structured. I go above and beyond to make sure you get results.
Many of my clients become friends for life.



1 introduction call

5 sessions

60 minutes each

~8-week program

Email/text support

during the program

150 /session



1 introduction call

10 sessions

60 minutes each

~16-week program

Email/text support

during the program

140 /session


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I'm so sure you'll love my coaching that I'm willing to give you a full, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't find my coaching valuable to you after the introduction call and the first paid session, let me know, and I'll refund your money. Just let me know why the coaching isn't working for you and what I can do in the future to improve my service.

Whatever your self-development challenges, desires, or needs, I want to ensure your investment feels worthwhile. I expect my clients to get at least 5-10 times return on investment over the long run.


Keep in mind that big changes are not automatic. Be patient. Your goals will take time and work, and I cannot promise that your relationships, feelings, or business will transform on their own. My role is to guide you. You still have to do the work!

What is the purpose of coaching? 


The purpose of coaching is profound personal transformation.

Sure, coaching will get you better results, but more importantly, you will become a better person. 

So, how long does it take to achieve a profound personal transformation?

That varies from client to client depending on:​

  • Your needs and desires

  • Your unique type of challenges 

  • Your dedication 

  • Your open-mindedness 

  • Your comfort with getting challenged

That said, my clients usually agree to do 10-30 sessions. We often begin with more frequent sessions (often once per week) to get a powerful momentum going, and then we slow down to biweekly or monthly sessions to keep the flow going and hold accountability. ​

The best way to discover how many sessions you need is to sign up for the free introduction call.

Is Coaching right for me? 


We'll probably be a great match if you desire transformation in the areas I specialize in since I get along well with most personalities.

That said, here are the types of clients I can and cannot work with:


We'll work well together if you have at least 3 of the following characteristics:


  • Intelligent: You are a fast learner who got talents to share with others. 

  • Impact-driven: You want to contribute to the world and advance humanity.

  • Growth mindset: You recognize the importance of improving yourself.

  • Ambitious: You are willing to go through hardship to reach your goals.

  • Sense of Urgency: You know that life is short, so you need to start moving towards your goals.

  • Open-Minded: You are eager to explore new ideas and habits 

  • Vulnerable: You are open to talking about personal, intimate issues

  • Accept challenges: You are open to challenging your beliefs, fears, and storylines.

  • Responsible: You accept full responsibility for the quality of your life

  • Creative: You want to express yourself artistically or entrepreneurially 

  • Emotional: You want to experience richer emotions and are willing to talk about them.



Coaching with me is NOT suitable if you any of the following:


  • You can't afford coaching. [See my rates]

  • You have a severe mental disorder like: clinical depression, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, OCD, schizophrenia, eating disorders, PTSD, etc.

  • You are dealing with severe trauma like rape or physical abuse.

  • You cannot control your anger.

  • You don't have time to devote at least 1 hour/wk to coaching + 1 hour for homework and reflection.

  • You are disorganized and repeatedly miss calls.

  • You don't have access to a high-quality internet connection.

Results, results, results!


I promise you years of results in a few months. How is that possible?


This is not bullshit or empty promises. On the contrary, I feel incredibly confident making this claim because the strategies I teach are all field-tested and repeatedly produce excellent results both in my own life and for my clients. My life is a mission to explore what does and doesn’t work within personal development. Therefore, I spend 5x more time researching and experimenting than I do coaching, and that’s how it should be. You deserve to learn the best strategies and principles for creating exceptional results and nothing else. 


Coaching with me won’t just be wish-washy therapy talk that goes in circles -- e.g., “how do you feel about that?” Of course, I will listen to you deeply, but I will also give you proven game plans that work. Every challenge you face, I’ve solved myself or helped clients overcome. I can quickly tell you what does and doesn’t create results. 


It took me years of misery, wrong turns, and fumbling in the dark to find strong principles for creating a purposeful and happy life. Do you have that kind of time?


Why are you waiting? 


Are you awake?!


Are you up for the challenge?! 


I’m serious. Your time on earth is quickly coming to an end.


Soon you will be dead. 


How do you want to spend your time until then? 


Do you want to sit on your ass and daydream while tolerating the stuff that makes your life miserable? 


How many regrets do you feel comfortable having on your deathbed? 


I know I sound like a salesman right now, but I feel totally comfortable pushing you on this because I know your inner procrastinator wants to be lazy and stay in your comfort zone. 


Realize that you have the power to improve your life drastically right now, and if you put this off, it will never happen. Therefore, it would be unkind of me not to rattle your cage and scream in your face that you can take bold action to improve your life quality radically.


Years of results in a few months. 


I offer a free 45-min call. Why are you waiting?

Oh, and here is a HUGE secret: 


How you feel is not determined by your current life circumstances but by your trajectory.

This means you can start feeling good about your life right now.


You don’t need to wait ten years to find the perfect partner or reach your business goals. What you need to feel better is a clear plan for your future and the ability to solve your problems. 


I expect my clients to get 5-10x their investment back over time because coaching will lead to BIG breakthroughs that stick


What to Expect From Coaching:


  • Years of personal growth in a few months. 

  • Strategies for reaching your goals quickly 

  • Increased motivation, discipline, and energy

  • Break destructive habits.

  • Start using your time optimally.

  • Higher productivity and creativity 

  • Drive to take massive action in a fun and exciting way.

  • Expert tips on books, videos, tools, and seminars that will save you time and $1000’s

  • Balance across your life: work, health, family, social life, personal development. 

  • Know how to deal with intense emotions like sadness and anger

  • Courage to crush your comfort zone and pursue your dreams 

  • Tools to overcome fears, limiting beliefs, and overthinking.

  • Discover hidden potential that you didn’t know you had 

  • Better communication skills to handle family, employees, dating, and friends. 

  • Encouragement and accountability

  • A clear idea of how you will positively impact the world

  • Tools to say no and set boundaries

  • A kick-ass life-long friend. 


How You Will Feel From Coaching:


  • Enthusiastic, energized, and optimistic: eager to jump out of bed every morning

  • Deeply fulfilled, happy, and at peace

  • Excited and proud of the impact you will have on the world 

  • Powerful and well-equipped to solve any problems in your life. 

  • Deep connection in your relationships

  • Free from unnecessary fear, sadness, laziness, anger, and overthinking

  • Focused, centered, self-aware

  • Clear about the next steps on your journey 

  • Confident and authentic - you know how to live life on your terms

  • Truly alive

P.S. Before you go, let's be real.

If you pass on getting a coach, in 3 months, will you have solved your problems or not? Will you have made a personal transformation? Will you have taken enough action? 

Probably not. You will still have the same problems, the same unrealized dreams, and still wish you were stronger. But you won't be. 

What you need is is instruction and encouragement from someone that has been in your shoes. Coaching will create massive growth and allow you to experience radically better results, so take action now.



Sign up for a free 45-minute introduction call. You got nothing to lose. 





Close this page and

forget everything you’ve read.
Continue with your life as it is.
Nothing changes.


Take a bold step

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that feels

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