Become  a
better human

Whether you want financial freedom, better relationships, a clear mind, or to feel better emotionally, I am here to guide you. 

Working with me as your coach will help you stop overthinking, find your passion, and feel confident to go for your dreams.

Hi, I'm Emil.

I became a USD millionaire at an early age from professional high stakes online poker. Poker was demanding - I played 12 hour-long sessions with no breaks and big economic swings nearly every day for 7 years.

To stay ahead of my competition, I got obsessed with personal development. I wanted to develop a strong mindset, understand my emotions, and eat the best diet for top performance. 

Today I am driven to be the best man I can be and share everything I've learned so others grow, feel more alive and be better humans.

My clients often experience: 

I feel confused

I'm not on my mission.

I don't feel passion.

I'm stuck at this job.

I don't know what to do.

I lost my energy

My performance has declined.

I have become lazy

My sex drive is low

I don't sleep well

I feel disconnected

I have no one to share with.

I often feel alone. 

I can't talk to my family.

I don't feel alive.

I feel misunderstood

I fight with my partner.

I can't explain how I feel

No one understands me.

I don't get my message across

I live in the past

I regret my past. 

I don't know how to let go. 

I can't be present. 

I feel pain and I don't know why

I am overthinking

I have too many thoughts.

I have unclear goals.

I'm ashamed for not taking action

I can't focus 

Are you feeling like this?

I offer a free 45-min strategy session.

“When I met Emil back in 2015, I had just made €50 million, but I was on the verge of burning out completely. Since then, Emil has influenced pretty much every aspect of my life.

It started with basics like, how I eat, sleep, and learn new skills. It then grew into everything from how I communicate with my fiancée (and even myself) to confidence and mindfulness.

Today, I’m happier than ever; Emil is one of the smartest people I know, and he has played a huge role in my well being.”