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Do you tilt easily? 

Do you rarely feel happy? 

Are you stressed and worried? 

Are you in a horrible downswing? 

Do you feel sluggish and out of shape? 

Have you lost enthusiasm for the game? 

Are you unsatisfied with your relationships? 

Do you frequently feel bored or emotionally numb?

Do you feel envious of the success of other players?

Do you succumb to destructive habits and addictions?

Got no idea what you should do with your life after poker?


Hi, I’m Emil!


I’m a full-time professional coach, a personal development junkie, and a USD millionaire from online poker. My life mission is to explore what does and doesn’t work within personal development and help my clients drastically raise their performance, happiness, and life quality.


Many poker players believe their struggles are mental problems, so they try to solve them with their intellects. But...

this will backfire because what they truly suffer from are emotional issues.

Playing poker is a source of much joy... and pain.


As a poker player, you enjoy freedom over our time, a nice income, and the luxury of working with something you genuinely love (well, most of the time). But as you know, poker also has some significant challenges.

  • How do you deal with horrible downswings, tilt, and insane stress? 

  • How do you stay out of addictions and destructive habits? 

  • How can you create some structure in your life with so much freedom? 

  • How can you grow strong social skills when your work is so introverted and logical? 

  • How can you feel like your life has meaning and that you are contributing to society? 

  • How can you remain calm at the tables without suppressing your feelings? 

  • How can you feel healthy and alert when your work requires so much screentime?


These are tricky questions. Of course, you can find the answers on your own, but it will steal significant time away from the poker tables. It took me ten years of research, experiments, misery, and wrong turns to find the answers for myself. My point is: 




You will save pain, time, energy, and money by getting coached by someone who has been in your shoes and knows the next steps to raise both your happiness and your performance at the poker tables.


It’s possible to feel fulfilled, happy and peaceful, even in the middle of a downswing.

What to expect from Coaching:

  • An increased edge at the poker tables

  • Years of personal growth in a few months. 

  • Increased motivation, discipline, and energy

  • Break destructive habits and addictions.

  • Better structure in your life and optimized habits

  • The ability to play longer with higher focus

  • Increased emotional intelligence

  • Know how to deal with intense stress and tilt

  • Tools to overcome fears, limiting beliefs, and overthinking.

  • Encouragement and accountability

  • Much better personal relationships 

  • A clear plan to optimize your sleep, diet, and exercise

  • A kick-ass life-long friend. 


How You Will Feel From Coaching:

  • Enthusiastic, energized, and optimistic: eager to sit down at the tables

  • Fulfilled, happy and peaceful, even in the middle of a downswing. 

  • Powerful and well-equipped to solve any problems in your life. 

  • Emotionally open and connected to your loved ones

  • Focused, centered, self-aware

  • Confident that your inner game is sharper than the competition

  • Feel like you are playing GTO in your whole life, not just the tables




I'm so sure you'll love my coaching that I'm willing to give you a full, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

If you don't find my coaching valuable to you after the introduction call and the first paid session, let me know, and I'll refund your money. Just let me know why the coaching isn't working for you and what I can do in the future to improve my service.

Whatever your self-development challenges, desires, or needs, I want to ensure your investment feels worthwhile. I expect my clients to get at least 5-10 times return on investment over the long run.


Keep in mind that big changes are not automatic. Be patient. Your goals will take time and work, and I cannot promise that your relationships, feelings, or business will transform on their own. My role is to guide you. You still have to do the work!

Why should you learn from me?


I played professional poker for ten years, mostly HU NLHE online. I did pretty well and profited about $1,5 mil USD from the game. One of my biggest strengths was to be disciplined and get volume in. This, it turned out, was also a weakness as I spent 99% of my focus on poker and neglected other vital areas like relationships, health, happiness, and personal development.


Over time health problems, emotional suppression, and a lack of genuine human connections accumulated into a deep depression that made me unable to open the poker tables.


So, I took a one-year break where I only focused on personal growth, health, social skills, and psychology. And I loved it!


My passion for poker completely spilled over into personal development, and since then, all of my focus has been on growth. Today I work full-time as a personal development coach who helps entrepreneurs and other poker players create productive and fulfilling lives. 


What does this mean for you? 

  • It means that I have walked in your shoes; I know your pain, struggles, and challenges. I feel confident in my ability to guide you from being unhappy and demotivated to feeling excited to sit down at the tables because I’ve done it for myself and many clients. 

  • It means that coaching with me won’t just be wish-washy therapy talk that goes in circles -- e.g., “how do you feel about that?” Of course, I will listen to you deeply, but I will also give you proven game plans that work.

  • It means that you can get years of personal development done in just a few months because I can help you focus on what truly matters. 


P.S. Stop waiting for your luck to change


“If only I could catch a break and get some good cards or at least stop running so damn lousy, then how I feel and perform will change.“ 


Waiting for luck to change is the mindset of an amateur. A professional takes proactive action and starts changing how he thinks and feels long before external circumstances change. So let’s be honest for a moment. If you pass on getting a coach, in 3 months, will you have solved your problems or not? 


Maybe your luck will have changed; perhaps it won’t have. But will you have made a personal transformation? Will you be a happier and more resilient person to protect you against future downswings? 


Probably not, You will still have the same unhealthy habits, negative thinking, excuses, and emotional leaks. You will still wish you were stronger, but you won't be. 

Let’s face it. What you need is is instruction and encouragement from someone that has been in your shoes. Coaching with me will create massive growth and allow you to create an increased edge at the tables in a short time, so take action now.


Sign up for a free 45-minute introduction call. You got nothing to lose.





Close this page and

forget everything you’ve read.
Continue with your life as it is.
Nothing changes.


Take a bold step

towards creating a life

that feels

fulfilling and authentic

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