About me

Who is Emil? 

The Beginning

I found poker at the age of 16 and instantly became obsessed with the game. At first, it was just for play money, but when I was 19, I had made over $100k, had a poker office, and played as a full-time high stake professional.

Poker was the most fun I've ever had, but also highly demanding. Almost every day, I played 12 hour-long sessions with no breaks and big economic swings. To stay ahead of my competition, I got obsessed with personal development. I wanted to develop a strong mindset, understand my emotions, and eat the best diet for top performance. 

At 25, I was already a USD millionaire, but my true interest had spilled over into personal development. Without the same focused obsession for the game, I started losing my edge and finally quit playing. ​

What I do

I help men with anything from increasing their performance, stop overthinking, finding their passion, and feeling confident in reaching their goals. My biggest strength is having a wide range of skills.


I also work for Great.com, a company that gives away 100% of its profits to help the climate. The founder Erik Bergman is my creative sparring partner.


Together Erik and I create content for Instagram, YouTube, and produce the podcast Becoming Great.com. 


My destination


Much of my own confusion and suffering was simply the result of no one teaching me the basics skill required to live a good life. 

My dream is to create a profound understanding of topics like confidence, health, passion, relationships, psychology, wealth, goal setting, leadership, emotional intelligence and to share everything I learn with other men who are hungry to grow. 

I am not looking for quick success; I want to play the game long term. I work hard every day to make my skills as sharp as possible, and I plan to continue for decades.