The 30-day inner confidence challenge

I know how it feels to struggle with confidence; I have struggled for most of my life. Just as I did, you have probably already tried many ways to be more confident. 

Maybe you already have: 

  • Watched videos 

  • Read books

  • Pushed your comfort zone

  • Learning about body language and how to make a good impression

  • Done everything in your power to be perceived as a confident person

Still, you haven't gotten to the root of your problem; why else would you be here? 

Confidence is not hard; confidence is misunderstood. 

Most coaches and gurus never get to the root because they focus on appearing confident instead of being confident. 

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to increase confidence

  • People who feel insecure and don't know why

  • People who want to be comfortable in their own skin

  • People who want to feel proud of who they are 

  • People who want to feel confident to go for their dreams. 

What you'll learn​

  • Develop Your Inner Confidence

  • Start Believing in Yourself and understanding your values.

  • Stop Seeking Approval

  • Eliminate Fear of Rejection

  • How to be in full control of your confidence

  • Develop powerful self-talk

  • Practical Strategies, Techniques, and Methods

What is included​

The purpose of this program is to create a strong foundation for you to be confident for the rest of your life. The program is a combination of an online course and coaching; it includes: 

  • One 90 minute coaching session to create your individual 30-day confidence challenge

  • One 60 minute coaching session 30 days later to keep you accountable and set future goals. 

  • A 60-minute video course.

Special "beta-test" 90% discount. 



I will charge €399 for this course that includes 150 minutes of coaching and an online course. 

Right now, I have all the content ready, but the course is not fully created. I want to get feedback from participants first.

In exchange for your participation and honest feedback, I would like to offer your this course that includes 150 minutes of my time for a 90% discount. 

YES, that is €39 for over 2 hours of coaching, exercises and material included. 

Please keep in mind that the full material for this course is not finished yet. It's in BETA. 

This offer is LIMITED. If you have any questions, please email me at

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